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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Cleaning with Apartment Therapy: Day Two

Okay. I am exposing my embarrassing fridge for the day two challenge. Lucky you.

A little over a year ago, we purchased a Samsung counter depth food showcase refrigerator. We love it. It is perfect for teens, and we literally have seen a difference in our electricity bill because we put the most commonly used foods and condiments in the front showcase. After a while, though, laziness sets in, and things start being put "wherever it can be shoved". We also made a rule that all leftovers or carry-out must be placed in our storage containers. It doesn't always happen, but really, this has been a HUGE help in keeping things less cluttered and chaotic. It also helps limit food waste and we are more prone to recycle the other containers right away. I find Styrofoam vile and a health/environmental hazard, so we try to get our food out of those types of containers as quickly as possible anyway.

I can't get enough of the InterDesign and mDesign acrylic fridge/food organizers. They make life a lot easier. We also use the special green-lidded Rubbermaid containers for fruit and veggies which lends to even more naturally easy organization with quick identification of the type of stored and slower food spoilage. It may not be designer beautiful, but it is extremely functional. Still, we are not perfect, so day two was a good kick in the pants for us as a family. 

Everyone pitched in a little for this one. Hopefully we will maintain our clean and organized fridge...well, at least for a couple weeks longer than last time...Baby steps.

After- Inside

After- Showcase Door

Happy Spring Cleaning!



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