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Saturday, April 7, 2012

IKEA Hacked: Alternative Legs

During my daily browse through pinterest I stumble across this glorious company that has created beautiful legs to hack your IKEA furniture:

Can you imagine my glee?  Well I clicked the link to only be sent to a domain registration site.  Thinking it was a fluke, I dug further...I mean how could I not?  One of the things that always kept me from purchasing the Kalstad was those hideous cheap-looking legs.  I found out that this was no fluke.  Every site that was drooling and fawning over these beautiful pegs had the same link issue.  I did find out in comments that they were well over $130 a set (ouch) when they were available. I am still unsure as to what happened.

I also found out during my search that there is a retired gentleman who now sells his wooden wares online.  Uncle Bob has also created a hack for the IKEA legs too.  Sure, this picture isn't trending pretty, but the skill of his woodwork is well-respected, and he offers several attractive peg designs I would still fawn over.  Those who have purchased from him say he is happy to consider custom requests.  On his site he shows not just different designs, but also different finishes, and at $7.50- $11.00 each (YES! I know!)  They turn those ugly 2x2 monstrosity or over the top industrial IKEA legs into a thing of the past. I would love to hear anyone's opinion of their purchase with Uncle Bob, and if anyone has tried a custom order with him.

Uncle Bob's Sleek-looking Pegs

Uncle Bob has a website and an Etsy store. I have a feeling I may be purchasing some of those adorable animal puzzles and wooden toys as well....

Hope your Easter holiday is wonderful- Cheers!