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Monday, April 8, 2019

Spring Cleaning: Two Years Later

So a few of you may have noticed that I suddenly stopped posting mid-spring cleaning. Believe it or not, we actually followed each day, and I took photos and all that jazz to share with my readers, but...

Life decided to hand us some big news and it didn't slow down! Many of you are already "in the know", but I needed to get back here to give some explanation for my disappearance from the blog.

One, my husband accepted a position at new company and we moved to Pennsylvania. We live in Kennett Township, home of the sweet little historical town of Kennett Square. Our home sits nestled in a more rural area near the Delaware border. It has been quite a change from our life in Dearborn, Michigan. As you can imagine, life here, settling in two teenagers, trying to shift gears for business, and many other changes have been all-consuming.

Two, after years of being quite ill, I finally found a doctor who would treat my illness properly. As I started to get better and found a doctor here in PA who would continue treatment on the same path, something I had come to accept as my reality, infertility, suddenly reversed itself.

So, at 41, I found myself pregnant.

As I sit here with a darling sleeping 5 month old in my lap, I am overwhelmed with appreciation for all the changes that can happen very suddenly in life that can bring more joy than ever imagined.

But I am still a little sleep deprived, so please accept my apologies if my blog suffers for it.

Much Love!