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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

End of Summer Fun!

Hello to all!

I have created an Etsy treasury with a mystery theme.  Click on the link to view the treasury.  I ask that all guesses be messaged to me privately via etsy convo, facebook messaging, or emailed The first person to correctly guess the theme will be sent a $20 valued package of art and supplies from Inspirations by Faith PLUS receive a 40% discount on their next purchase.  It gets better…ALL correctly guessed submissions sent to me by September 1st will also get a 40% coupon towards their next purchase/order, and ALL other guesses that are not correct still will receive a 20% coupon towards their next order with Inspirations by Faith. But remember, don't post it in public comments- we don't want to ruin the fun! :)

Today I am also announcing my first design challenge.  Since my followers are small in number here, the design challenge images will be posted on facebook, but I will be posting photos of all the September challenge submissions here as well on October 1st. 
Everyone who submits by the deadline will receive a $5 gift certificate towards their next purchase from Inspirations by Faith- this includes custom/special request orders!
If you have a blog or website, I also will be happy to post a link along with your submission. 

Our design challenge for September will be to make one “Thank You” card with the following ingredients:

Vintage paper
Embroidery floss

Anything can be added to the ingredients, but all submissions must have all of the ingredients listed. You can pull these ingredients together yourself, or purchase a quick pack for $4 from my store which I have put together to make it a tad easier.  Either way you do it is fine.  Click here for the link to the quick packs.  Once you have created your card, take a photo or scan of your completed card and send to me via email:, making sure to include with your first name (last name and link is welcomed but optional) or if you want to just post it yourself to the facebook discussion, feel free.  All submissions are due by the end of September.

I haven’t decided to make the challenge a contest at this point since I am not sure how many people will be participating with me, but I am looking forward to the fun!

Have an inspired day!