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Friday, March 28, 2014

Preparing for Spring

Just wanted to quickly share my latest home decor project. It was very easy to do, and this is a very usable piece for me since I actually do need a place to dry herbs.  I love that this functions to help take up some of that blank space on the long wall in my dining room. 

I took a piece of reclaimed lumber, seven knobs and pulls from my ever-growing collection, and drilled spaced holes sized according to the knob's screw size and just twisted the knobs into place. Marc helped me put the french cleat (one of the best inventions ever) and finished project up. I place three framed art photographs that are special to our family above, and then done. 

Really looking forward to using it this year- and more than ready for this winter weather to be gone for good!

Have an inspired day!

(For those of you wondering why I didn't give the name of the photog who created the art photographs, it is per his request that he remain private :)  He does  not sell or distribute his work.)