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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Blog for a New Era

Not terribly fond of re-inventing the wheel, I sit here annoyed that I have not been able to pick this blogspot thing up right away. Seems simple enough, but my dependency on the ease of using MySpace left me defiant.  So here I am. Finally.

I had so many wonderful intentions about this year of blogging...and still do.  But the death of my grandmother has definitely rocked my world. My business has been increasing significantly, and I had forgotten all the little quirks about living as balanced as possible despite the need to continually run a business for which you are the sole provider of its content.  I am not complaining, just explaining.  And well, rejoicing in suffering a bit.

I find myself curious as to what will become of me and this blog.   Will it become just another one of my unfinished pieces, or will I see this one to completion.  Will I become dissatisfied with the product, or simply abandon it all together.  I sincerely hope I will stick it out which in turn leads me to the hope that some how some day I will look back and see others who have gleaned a little inspiration from it as well.  So there you go- I dare to hope.

Let's see where that dare gets me...