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Monday, January 7, 2013

Inspiration Tidbit: Vignette Addition

An inspiration tidbit from my home to yours:

A little something I added to my entry vignette :) This is just a quick impromptu blog, so forgive the "less-than-desirable" photos.  The "vintage door knob" hanger was from Hobby Lobby, and the keys were from the dollar bin in Michaels. I tied the keys together with my hand-dyed vintage ribbon- Love how it turned out!  

It was a quick way to make fabulous impact on the overall balance of the vignette design. (Framed photo is photography by: Ara133Photography)

Have an inspired day!


Victoria said...

That is a lovely vignette! I love Hobby Lobby but don't go there often, they do have some great things:) Happy New Year!

ara133photo said...

I love how it looks!!! Thank you SO much for posting pics!! The vintage knob is really cute - and thanks for the tip on the keys - Michael and i have been trying to find old fashioned looking keys for an art project! :) amy (ara133photography)

Inspirations by Faith said...

Happy New Year to you both- Thank you for visiting the blog!

Hope all is going well for you Victoria!

And Amy, we are so in love with all of our photo prints we purchased from your etsy shop. I still have to post the before and after of the boy's room. There is always some "finishing touch" I want to do to a room before I photograph it. I have come to realize that no design is ever really complete in my mind, but always a work in progress...kind of like this I have promised myself to let go of impossible perfection a little more. :)

Christina Dawes said...

I love your blog, definitely following now! Stay in touch xx

& enter the Msdressy giveaway on my blog for the chance to win an amazing gift!

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