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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Paper Posey How-To

I wanted to start out this year of blogging with one of my most popular items right now- paper posies. I use them to embellish several different types of items, including cards, wreathes, topiaries, scrapbook pages, and more.

Here is a list of items you will need:

Large flower or scallop punch or die cut (avoid ones with skinny petals)
Inspirations by Faith Color
Wash in Aquamarine
Paper piercer
Small container of warm water
Cotton swab
Protected surface

For this project, I am going to use an old Chinese newspaper as my paper base, but any paper will work well. You can use other types of color washes also. If you would like to purchase from my stock of specially formulated color washes, vintage papers, and Chinese papers, click here. You will note that I am not using protective gloves in the pictures. This is because I do not handle the flower during the dying process, but I highly suggest that protective hand wear be used to prevent staining whenever you are using color washes.

First, punch out your flowers for the project.

For this posey, I have punched five, but any number, more or less, can be used.

Pierce a whole in the center and insert your brad.

Dip posey in water, face down into the water. Hold there for about 3 seconds. 

Starting with center flower, begin crumpling petals gently towards the center. 

Repeat this with each layer until you have a crumpled wad of

Gently unfold each layer from last to first, making sure not to flatten the posey or over release. You should be able to see the center brad. 

Spray color wash to create desired effect.

Clean center gently with cotton swab to remove excess color wash.

Let dry, making sure not to touch it during this process.

Here is a picture of the final product. I can’t help but smile whenever I see these sweet little flowers. I hope you enjoy making your own as well!


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