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Monday, October 10, 2011

Trying to play catch-up....

...and it's not working.  As many of you know, we came home from vacation to 5 holes in our roof from storm damage. Two left branches literally protruding from the ceiling of the boys room.  There was water damage on three floors...what a mess.  Thankfully, we have homeowners insurance.

With our exterior close to complete, and the interior now being worked on, I have been living in a construction area for absolutely too long already.  It has pretty much doubled my time in creating anything with the house an utter disorganized mess, and has been tough overall just dealing with not having my solitude during the day, 6 days a week, to work.  Also, my business has been growing at the same time, so if my blogs become thin, I hope you will understand that I am simply lost in the chaos, but it won't be forever.

What it has done is give me an opportunity to interior design the boys' room from scratch since it basically needed to be gutted.  (Silver lining, right?)  I am excited to say that after I had decided on the colors of the boys room, I stumbled across an artist that I absolute fell in love with- Darren Alejos.  He just so happened to have created the perfect Robot vs. Zombie art piece in the exact colors I needed.  I special requested a second one with variation so both Miykael and Jonathan could have their own over the bed.  The the room is now being designed around these two pieces that travel with me every choice I make- even changing the wall color plan from designer white to a light gray (but more on that some other day).  I consider Darren's work to be unique, on-trend, but not "trendy", quirky but not "cutesy", covered in a high level of talent that simply can't be learned.  His range of work is broad while keeping within his signature style, and I hope you will support him as an artist as well.

Here's the infamous print:

Zombie vs. Robot by Darren Alejos
That will be gracing this bedroom one day in the future:

There are other beautifully sophisticated pieces of his that  may end up in my studio and/or living room...we shall see! But I will say that this aventure into my home being a construction zone has opened me up to the opportunity of discovering artists and designers that may have gone unoticed had that sycamore branch not fallen in my path of life.  It really goes to show that sometimes we need a little boat rocking to wake up from our ruts.  It's embracing these times and trying to find the opportunity to discover, learn, and grow that make it personally valuable. (Though I will be very glad on the day I finally get my house back ;)  Looking forward to taking you on this little journey with me....

Have an inspired day!



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