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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Road Trip: It's that time again....

Okay, I know what you are about to say (or not...maybe it's just the voices in my head).  "Faith, you shouldn't announce that you will be away on vacation."  And you would be 100% correct, so kids, don't do this at home.  But the fact of the matter is this: everytime I try blog after the trip, I end up out of steam by week 6 of posting smatterings on facebook then and forgetting the delightful little candid moments and inspiration that would otherwise be recorded in long format (yes, ironically that's what I call this blog- my long format).  I mean really, if I don't want to listen to MYSELF type stuff for 6 weeks about my vacation from 3 weeks prior that lasted for 3 weeks before THAT, then why would you? 

This year I am doing something new.  I will be posting as I go, sharing the bits of inspiration I see along the way.

So for any of you would-be burglars and my two stalkers who just can't seem to get enough of me, I have an attack fish waiting by the door...

...and a neighbor doing daily garden upkeep at random times (armed with a hose and pruning shears), and we informed our neighbors to watch our house with promises of homemade cookies and pie.  And if that didn't dissuade you, we have 3 kids so if it's worth something, it's probably broken and held together with duct tape.  Believe me, this house looks WAY better on the outside than it does inside. Especially with my Hayley Mills Parent Trap style boobie trapping I am doing...which reminds me, I need to buy honey.

Oh yeah, and we have the local police doing security checks.
Looking forward to keeping in touch with all of you as we weave are way through 6,000 miles of Swientoniowski Road Trip goodness. Stay tuned....

PS: I have been asked if the fish picture above is really a fish and if he is really our fish.  The answer is yes and yes.  His name is Plecostomus Nimbus, and he is a 13 inch long algae-eater who grew barbs on his fins because he is so damn big and old.  He will cut you. ;)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Perks for the Fans

If you are looking for a monthly "perk" at my store, make sure to "like" me on facebook so you can have access to the great monthly discounts and coupons I give to all my facebook fans.  Feel free to post, review, and keep in touch there as well.  I update much of the fun stuff going on with the business, including treasuries, causes I am getting involved in, and whatever other quirkiness I am up to.  This summer there will be a couple of design challenges I will be sharing as well, so don't wait too long to jump on board.  ;)

See you there!